The Daedalus Table; or, What inspires us

The Daedalus Table; or, What inspires us

We were trained as writers, so to us interior decor is a process of building narrative. Only for the most practical purposes do we distinguish between, say, a painting and a desk. What we are looking for instead is a conversation between things that enriches those who live among them. And we constantly ask ourselves, “What voice is missing from this story?”

Some time ago, it occurred to us that it might be satisfying to set one’s drink down on a brilliant display of feathers. Irridescent ones, ideally. Perhaps a peacock’s “eyes”?

We like to frame the wild, or to suggest that wilderness is barely contained. We can’t help but admire Jan Fabre’s decoration of the ceiling of the Royal Palace in Brussels (made out of well over a million scarab wing cases).

Which brought to mind the use of scarabs as a symbol of the sun god Ra in Egyptian artifacts, and how gorgeously right is that juxtaposition of green and gold.

In searching for peacock feathers, we stumbled upon the teal breast feathers of the Lady Amherst Pheasant, which form a kind of armor above its soft white belly, and seemed to have something of a jewel-scarab richness.

We got to work. Once arranged, the feathers reminded us of other irridescent surfaces. Abalone…

Oil slicks…

Silk shantung.

The natural surface transformed seemed the signature of designers we deeply admired–Alexander McQueen, for one, who used feathers to surreal and regal effect.

And feathers returned us to wings. Angel wings, bearing miracles.

Wings as metaphor for freedom, invention, ambition.

As we arranged two thousand pheasant feathers under glass, we were reminded of Daedalus, the legendary craftsman who built the maze which imprisoned the Minotaur, and flew on wings of his own design.

The first Daedalus Table:

The second, a circular coffee table:

Daedalus Table Circular 7 image

Daedalus Table Circular 2 image

Daedalus Table Circular 6 imageWe will also fabricate a pair of square end tables and a narrow console, and can adjust dimensions and finishes to client specification. Please contact us if you’d like to know more.