Early 20th century Boro Furoshiki

Early 20th century Boro Furoshiki


Early 20th century
65″ x 70″

Boro are utilitarian Japanese textiles formed of sewn-together cotton and hemp fragments in different shades of indigo. They have rightly been elevated to works of folk art. Each unique textile expresses a reverence for quality, beauty and usefulness that we feel is shared by Japan and Scandinavia, and so we find a particular harmony in their display with Scandinavian design.

Boro were intended for different uses. This one is a large “furoshiki” or carrying cloth. Items were placed in the middle, and the fabric folded over and tied, then carried.

We find both sides of this boro equally compelling: the solid indigo side features dramatic stitching and has the quality of an ancient star map; the patchwork side is like a colorfield painting, a fantastic collage of blues and purples that seems to express the beauty of work.