Axel Einar Hjorth “Sport” Table for NK

Axel Einar Hjorth “Sport” Table for NK


55″ wide x 31″ deep x 29″ high

Axel Einar Hjorth developed the iconic Sportstugemöbler line during his tenure as furniture design director at Nordiska Kompaniet. He was inspired by the practicality and quality of traditional Swedish folk furniture, and the rigorous design of Modernism, to create furniture that could be used by the growing middle class, who were following the wealthy to the small islands of the archipelago to build summer cottages.

Ironically, the middle class market was too conservative to appreciate his radical designs. Instead, they were adopted by a smaller audience of wealthy, aesthetically-minded customers.

These wonderful pieces were made in small quantities and have become quite collectible. They remain as fresh and appealing nearly one hundred years after they were designed.

This table is extendable; leaves can be fabricated to match.