Danish 1940s Wingback Chair

Danish 1940s Wingback Chair


Circa 1940
Leather, shearling
34 1/2″ high x 31″ wide x 36″ deep (seat height 15″)

The perfect reading chair. We don’t talk very much about the sustainability of vintage and antique furniture, but it’s worth mentioning that all of the materials used to make this chair in the 1940s are natural and nontoxic: wood frame, horsehair, straw and cotton batting, metal springs, leather upholstery. When we restore our upholstered furniture, we try not to alter these time-tested ingredients too much. When necessary, we add more of the same.

The original dark green leather is beautifully patinated–areas of higher use show more wear, and we find beauty in that, almost as if previous owners have left instructions for further use. The seat is newly covered in shearling.

The best furniture makers of this period were called cabinet masters, and we love prolonging the life of what they made with so much care, knowing it can be enjoyed for many more years by appreciative owners.