Figural Oil Painting by Frank Hammershøj

Figural Oil Painting by Frank Hammershøj


Frank Hammershøi (1940-2013)
Circa 1970
Oil on canvas
19 3/4″ x 15 3/4″

A wonderful feeling of action pervades this almost abstract painting of a figure striding away from us and pointing to the right. Or perhaps he is pulling his long coat onto his arm, the wind blowing it out behind him. The brush strokes are short and fast, the hot yellow and red jump off the canvas, and the black and bluish white of the background suggest a bright winter day.

Hammershøj’s work was often commissioned for public buildings in Denmark, including Vollsmose Church, May College in Odense, Aarup School, Bogense School, and the consecrated altarpiece of Guldbjerg Church. He is also in the permanent collections of several Danish museums.

Signed “FH” in lower left corner, and floating in a minimalist silver-gilt frame, 21 1⁄2” x 17 1⁄2”.

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