Gotland Gray Curly Sheepskins

Gotland Gray Curly Sheepskins

Curly lambskin
30″ x 40″

Gotland is an idyllic Swedish island in the Baltic sea, and this is the pelt of their native sheep. Gotland sheep are known for their silky, curly fur, in colors ranging from silver to charcoal. We hand pick these gorgeous skins directly from the rancher on Gotland. Her free range livestock are raised for meat, and the skins are saved and tanned. There are many dealers of Gotland sheepskins, but we find hers to be of particular quality, and we admire the integrity of her approach.

These skins can be washed in a delicate cycle and air-dried, then finger-combed. In Sweden, they are commonly found on the floor at bedsides, draped on sofas or over benches. They are wonderfully cozy home accessories.

When purchasing, please indicate whether you would prefer light or dark gray. We are happy to send images of what’s available.

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