Monument Bench by Lawton Mull

Monument Bench by Lawton Mull

Custom made in New York
Walnut with white or gray limestone

Of all the furniture we have designed, this is our favorite to make. The elemental forms, notched together with only their organic beauty as ornament, introduce a sense of timelessness in a room. We want our Monument tables to have the surprising but inevitable presence of a dark, still pond in a mossy forest clearing.

We take pride in the fact that they are made by hand here in New York. Patrick cuts and sands and finishes the wooden tops in our workshop (from walnut that is sustainably milled in the northeast), and we work with a stone cutter in the neighborhood with whom we have a long collaboration. It’s “slow” furniture, if you will, built with attention, and to last a long time.

This low bench can also serve as a coffee table. The wood top is an expressive, single slab of walnut. It sits securely in four hand-carved solid limestone blocks.

Because of the uniqueness of the materials, no two will ever be the same. Price depends on size. Made to order in 8-12 weeks. Also fabricated in square or circular profiles.

The bench pictured is 60” wide x 24” deep x 15 1⁄2” high.

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