The Vespine Table by Lawton Mull

The Vespine Table by Lawton Mull

Made in New York City. Customizable.
Unlacquered brass or gilt steel, paper wasp veneer and glass or stone
48″ wide x 16″ deep x 32″ high

In our designs of interiors and of furniture, we believe nothing is quite as beautiful as the combination of the organic and the made. Framing something found in nature within something designed seems to prove the power of metamorphosis, of reuse not as an act of thrift but one of veneration.

Of their family, Vespidae, hornets are renowned for their skill in making the paper which is their building material. They ingest leaves, bark, wood pulp–and transform it into the layers which protect the cells of their colony from the elements. According to legend, the man credited with the invention of paper in China, Cai Lun, was inspired by watching paper wasps making their nests. Michelle Glick-Guarneri is half of the team which is MHG Studio, arguably New York City’s most talented leather restorers and craftspeople. It was Michelle who first thought of making a veneer of wasp paper. As soon as she showed it to us, we knew we wanted to work with it, and we thought the neoclassical design of the Daedalus table would frame it beautifully.

Introducing the Vespine Table in two variations on the theme: hornets’ nest veneer, patinated brass and glass, or gilt steel and stone. The long-legged console table can be wall-mounted with or without its back legs.

Made by hand, from start to finish, in New York City and to custom specifications. Read more about the evolution of this design here.

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