Furillen Glassware by Glasstudion Big Pink

Furillen Glassware by Glasstudion Big Pink

We’re thrilled to be the exclusive New York City purveyors of Jennie Olofsson’s work. Olofsson is an up-and-coming glass designer and artist whose Glasstudion Big Pink is located in an 18th century barn on the Swedish island of Gotland. She has been increasingly in the Scandinavian design spotlight, and for good reason.

Her glassware has an organic and spontaneous elegance. It seems to emerge from the Gotland landscape or, in her words, “its exposure, its barrenness, its natural beauty, its uniqueness.”

Each piece of glass is handblown and therefore one of a kind. These are from her “Furillen” series, named for the rocky northeast corner of the island. They are available for sale from our showroom at 200 Lex, and to order through lawtonmull.com.

Pastis glasses (tall, 250 ml) ?& Gin glasses (short, 200 ml): $65

Carafe (1250 ml) $180
Bottle (700 ml) $180

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