Brooklyn Family Duplex

Brooklyn Family Duplex

At 709 Sackett Street, a new construction with good bones, clean lines, and an eco-conscious profile, Lawton Mull sets another stage.

The buyers we imagined for this property are not unlike us: in their early/mid 40’s, with children and work that they love, and looking for a place to lay down roots.

We chose furniture and art which suggested permanence, but also flexibility of use. We wanted the space to communicate that the people who inhabit it know how to live.

Web-Sackett-Street-Staging-1 web-Sackett-Street-Staging-2  web-Sackett-Street-Staging-4 web-Sackett-Street-Staging-5 web-Sackett-Street-Staging-7

On the same floor as the living and dining area, two small bedrooms seemed made for siblings: a teenager and a younger child.

web-Sackett-Street-Staging-8 web-Sackett-Street-Staging-9 web-Sackett-Street-Staging-10 web-Sackett-Street-Staging-11 web-Sackett-Street-Staging-12 web-Sackett-Street-Staging-13 web-Sackett-Street-Staging-15

A well-lit niche in the staircase provided the perfect display area for a collection of tribal statuary, some of which are seen here.


Upstairs, a cozy den flooded with light.

web-Sackett-Street-Staging-17 web-Sackett-Street-Staging-18

With an adjacent outdoor room.

web-Sackett-Street-Staging-20 web-Sackett-Street-Staging-21

And, opposite, the master bedroom, a quiet haven with its own petite terrace.

web-Sackett-Street-Staging-23 web-Sackett-Street-Staging-24 web-Sackett-Street-Staging-26 web-Sackett-Street-Staging-27

The landing leading to the roof deck was big enough for a pause.


One end of the roof deck, set with a marble topped table and storm-proof Tolix chairs.