Park Slope Two-Bedroom

Park Slope Two-Bedroom

After all these years, we still approach decor as a narrative act. Each space demands a story, and we know it’s ready to be told when the rooms seem inhabited by a distinct few characters. Across the street from this property is a primary school, and the soundtrack of playing children seemed to inform the decorative choices we made: colorful, comfortable, sturdy. We were inspired to set a stage both lively and serene, exuding the optimism of a young family.

Dining RoomThe green wall is Benjamin Moore’s Seaweed, a perfect foil for a grouping of rare 19th century German botanical posters.

Dining RoomLooking to the Kitchen

Something about this installation felt very Scandinavian to us–suggesting a quality of life which prioritizes harmony of design as much as its practicality.

ArtfulLiving Room

Living Room

In this small room, we imagined a writer, whose marble-topped desk faced the courtyard of the school.



Book Towers

One of our favorite aspects of staging is having the chance to put so much of our art, objects, and furniture into conversation.

Gallery Wall

We wanted the master bedroom to possess a luxe monasticism. The velvet banner is 17th century Italian, embroidered with silk and silver thread. The pricket lamps were originally made for ceremonial use in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Cesena, Italy at the end of the 17th century.

Master bedroom

Bed detail

Take a closer look.

Banner detail

These baroque ornaments are balanced by the modern design. The chest is Marcel Breuer’s, commissioned by Bryn Mawr for Rhoads Hall dormitory in the 1930s. The red leather chair is by Borge Mogensen.


The photographs are framed vintage cartes postales by Czech photographer Rudolf Koppitz.


This group of rural scenes was likely included in a 1936 exhibit of late work portraying Tyrolean peasant life, a group of 500 photographs called Land und Leute (Country and People).




Each installation is an opportunity to reflect upon the meaning of a well-lived life.

When we decorated the child’s room, the cherry trees just outside the window were in full bloom. What a happy surprise, the fresh pink and white beyond the sunny yellow walls.

Cherry Blossoms


The light in this room is wonderful. Every child should wake to such brilliant sunshine.

Web-19th-Street-Kids-4 Web-19th-Street-Kids-5 Web-19th-Street-kids-6


We purchased these two portraits at auction years ago. They make a wonderful pair, expressing the gravity and innocence of childhood.


We believe that children need beauty as much as grownups. This polychrome ceramic plate is a springboard for fairy tales.

Web-19th-Street-Kids-2 Web-19th-Street-Kids-window-detail

Last look